Minting your dreamz


Earn while you sleep. 

The App

With $NPZ tokens, users can earn rewards for improving their quality of life by making their time more productive through the revolutionary Napz lifestyle decentralised application and service.

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Available on Ios & Android

App Features

Napz Mode

Napz Mode makes you earns Npaz coin on the completion of your sleep cycle.

Anti Cheat Mechanism

A comprehensive anti-cheat procedure to ensure that a phone is in actual use.


The 2.0 version of Napz will revolutionise your daily tasks.


A secured wallet to redeem the earned coins. users will also be able to hold other currencies.


A daily updated leaderboard that displays the ranking of the highest earners.


The app has inbuilt security features that will ensure that the coins earned are theft-proof and only when the users are registered they will be able to move their $NPZ onto other wallets.

Nap to Earn

Napz is a revolutionary lifestyle app that allows users to earn cryptocurrency rewards every time they make their time more productive. By rewarding them with $NPZ, Napz incentivizes users to be more efficient and waste less time.


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